UN Observance: World Humanitarian Day – August 19


Join GFDD on August 19 to celebrate World Humanitarian Day and pay tribute to aid workers who have risked and lost their lives in humanitarian service.

What is World Humanitarian Day?

The Day was designated by the General Assembly in 2008 to coincide with the date of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq which killed 22 humanitarian aid workers, including the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello.

Each year, World Humanitarian Day focuses on a theme, bringing together stakeholders from across the humanitarian system to advocate for survival, well-being, and dignity of people affected by crises, and for the safety and security of aid workers.

Watch the video: Civilians are #NotATarget


Lend Your Voice:

This World Humanitarian Day, raise awareness for civilians trapped in conflict by going to the official webpage and using their Facebook Live filter. Each video helps deliver a powerful story on behalf of someone trapped in conflict. The more voices that join, the more impactful our message.

Simply click here to go live and lend your voice.

Sign the petition:

This World Humanitarian Day, we come together in solidarity with the millions of people caught in armed conflict. Civilians are #NotATarget. By signing this petition, you are making your voice heard to leaders around the world.

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