UN Observance: World Population Day – July 11

close up of human hands with earth globeDid you know?

By the end of the century, the world population could reach between 7 trillion and 17 billion people. We must therefore think about a sustainable future that can allow everyone to co-exist peacefully.

On July 11, Join GFDD in celebrating World Population Day.”With approximately 83 million people adding to the world population every year, the trend in world population increase is increasing, assuming that fertility levels will continue to decline,” according to the authors of a report by the Department of Economics and Social Studies of the United Nations (UN DESA) .This data should motivate legislation supporting sustainable development with considerations for population growth.

World Population Day, aims to raise awareness of the urgency of our rapidly rising population issue. This year’s observance day focuses on “Family Planning, Empowerment of People and Development of Nations.” Around the world, about 225 million women who wish to avoid pregnancy do not have secure access to family planning solutions. The reasons for this vary due to poor access to information, lack of support from their family and communities. But access to voluntary family planning is a human right. It will help contribute to the eradication of poverty, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Given that it took us hundreds of thousands of years to reach a world population of 1 billion people, but only another 200 years to grow at an accelerated pace, the challenges posed by this increasing population rate are enormous.. We need to ensure that we put in place a mode of living that will create a decent life for all of us to share resources, improve our access to services, and provide health insurance and education for all.

Depositphotos_69562353_xl-2015Despite a weak fertility rate, improvements in public health in developing countries have contributed to declining mortality rates, and have boosted population growth. As a consequence, accelerated migration and urban development, have created new challenges in developing countries. In developing countries complications in pregnancy and at birth are the leading causes of death in adolescents. This situation is unacceptable, considering that we have the solutions to combat them. It is important to take action and motivate change by providing solutions for developing countries. However, it is also important to focus the increase of the world population on something positive. The last decade has seen a younger population than previously seen, creating a precedent for potential economic development and social progress.

On July 11, you can follow the progress of the Family Planning Congress which will be taking place in London, or share with the world the trends of the world population in social networks. It is also an ideal time to think about how we can ensure a better future for the next generations.To learn more about World Population Day, please,  visit: http://www.unfpa.org/world-population-trends


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