Fundación Francina Launches New Campaign: “A Cane for You, a Place for Everyone”


On October 11th, the Fundación Francina celebrated International White Cane Safety Day with an event that also launched its new campaign, “A Cane for You, a Place for Everyone.” The campaign’s goal is to promote the importance of White Cane Safety for people living with visual disabilities so they can lead safe and independent lives.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-11-at-20-12-44A large number of guests attended the event that opened with a moving presentation.

Francina Hungría, engineer and president of the Foundation, explained that this year’s initiative consists of putting White Cane Safety into the hands of personalities and individuals who are well-known and admired by Dominicans. This strategy seeks to raise awareness about different disabilities and to create environments and situations that are inclusive of everyone.

For Ms. Hungría, the importance of the white cane is capital in that it serves to identify and provide independence for people with visual disabilities. However, she stressed that even more important than the white cane itself is society’s commitment and understanding based on our abilities, not our limitations.

The campaign is stressing the importance of the use of white canes by the blind and looks to encourage donations to the Fundación Francina at

Journalist Luz García moderated the event for the third year in a row. On behalf of the Foundation, Ms. García thanked everyone for their support, including institutions and companies, for making the activity possible.

October 15th was established as International White Cane Safety Day in Paris in 1980 by organizations belonging to the World Blind Union. The Fundación Francina promotes access and improvement of conditions for people with disabilities.


For more information on the Foundation, go to the website:

Or social media networks: FundFrancina on Instagram, Fundación Francina on Facebook and Twitter.

Address: Calle El Retiro #3A Ens. Paraiso, Sto. Dgo. R.D. Tel. 809-435-2777.

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