UN Observance: World Oceans Day, June 8


Did you know?

Oceans are very important as they generate most of the oxygen we breathe, help feed us, regulate our climate and clean the water we drink!

shutterstock_433038517On Wednesday June 8, the UN celebrates World Oceans Day. The commemoration is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future, particularly as a healthy world ocean is critical to our survival. We therefore need to honor, help protect, and conserve the world’s oceans.

This year, individuals and organizations across our blue planet are celebrating with the theme “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” and are promoting prevention of plastic ocean pollution with events in their communities, with special announcements and everything in between!

Success story: The Seabin – combating marine pollution

shutterstock_433015384Two Australians, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, created the Seabin, a floating rubbish bin that can collect plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent floating in the ocean. It was built as a cheap and low maintenance alternative to “trash boats.”

“One of the goals is to make the Seabin from our own plastics to create another Seabin to capture more, it’s a domino effect,” say the creators. “The second goal is to create a world where we don’t need the Seabin.”

They make nearly everything in-house themselves and aim to start shipping mid to late 2016.

See a video displaying their innovative creation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eXxLriPx_s

What you can do!

Selfie for the sea!

Share the beauty and importance of the ocean through your photographs!

Ask people at your event to make a public promise to help protect the ocean, and share it with a “Selfie for the Sea” so the world can see how they are taking action!

The better bag challenge


Ask people at your World Oceans Day event or celebration to join the movement: Starting June 8th, help the ocean by avoiding disposable plastic bags for at least one year.

Spread awareness of the observance day on social media

On Facebook: tag the event with @World Oceans Day, or post it on your Facebook page

On Twitter: tag the event @CelebrateOceans & use #WorldOceansDay #SelfieForTheSea

For Instagram: tag #WorldOceansDay #SelfieForTheSea


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