UN Observance: International Day for Biological Diversity, May 22

On May 22 the United Nations commemorates the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB).

The observance day aims to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

2016 Theme: “Mainstreaming Biodiversity; Sustaining People and their Livelihoods”

This year’s theme is entitled “Mainstreaming Biodiversity; Sustaining People and their Livelihoods” seeks to showcase the fact that biodiversity is the foundation for life and for the essential services provided by ecosystems.shutterstock_419284189

The theme therefore helps to highlight how it underpins peoples’ livelihoods and sustainable development in all areas of activity, including economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism, among others. By halting biodiversity loss, we are investing in people, their lives and their well-being.

The thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 13) to be held in Cancun, Mexico from 4 to 17 December 2016 will focus on the mainstreaming of biodiversity within and across sectors, which is closely linked to this year’s IDB theme.

Some interesting facts about biodiversity…

  • Over 50% of the world’s plant species and 42% of all terrestrial vertebrate species are native to a specific country and do not naturally exist elsewhere! (Conservation International)
  • Taxonomists-biologists who specialize in identifying and classifying life on the planet–have named approximately 1.7 million species. About 13,000 more species are added annually to this list of known organisms! (National Wildlife Magazine)
  • In 1980, in the tropical rainforests of Panama, scientists discovered 1,200 species of beetles living in and around just 19 trees… and fully 80% of these species were previously unknown to science. (Equator Initiative)


Commemoration in the Dominican Republic

shutterstock_418004116Commemorations of this observance day are taking place all around the world! In the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has teamed up with Universidad Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU) to host a photography exhibition showcasing the Protected Areas of the Dominican Republic. To find out more about this event please click here.

Commemoration around the world

To find out more about other celebrations taking part in your corner of the world please check the official website available here.

Spread the word!

Please remember to spread the word on social media: on twitter please use the hash tag #IDB2016 and on Facebook you can follow the Secretariat for the observance day at https://www.facebook.com/UNBiodiversity


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