UN Observance: World Water Day March 22

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On March 22, the UN celebrated World Water Day.

world-water-dayWorld Water Day is a day to celebrate water. It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. It’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future.

World Water Day is celebrated around the world shining the spotlight on a different issue every year. This issue is also the theme of the annual UN World Water Development Report which is launched on World Water Day. In 2015, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Water and Sustainable Development‘. It’s about how water links to all areas we need to consider to create the future we want.

This year’s UN World Water Development Report concluded that the planet is facing a 40 per cent shortfall in water supply by 2030, unless we dramatically improve the management of this precious resource.

The report stresses the urgent need to change the way we use and manage this vital resource, as the United Nations prepares to adopt new Sustainable Development Goals.

wwdayMichel Jarrault, Chair of UN Water, stressed that “There is already international consensus that water and sanitation are essential to the achievement of many sustainable development goals. They are inextricably linked to climate change, agriculture, food security, health, energy, equality, gender and education”.

As the United Nations prepares to adopt the future Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, the report points to the need to devote an entire goal to water. It argues that the focus be extended from drinking water and sanitation – as was the case in the Millenium Development Goals – to the global management of the whole water cycle.

The Sustainable Development Goals will be finalized in the autumn of 2015 during the United Nations General Assembly.

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