UN Observance: International Mountain Day, December 11 2014

IMD_temp_LogoDid you know?

Mountains play a key role in our transition towards sustainable economic growth, including:

  • They provide 60-80 percent of the world’s freshwater, with some of the world’s largest cities, including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, Tokyo and Melbourne, depending on freshwater from mountains;
  • They are vital source of renewable energy – especially through hydropower, solar power, wind power and biogas;
  • Mountains contribute to food and nutrition security by providing land for crops, grazing for livestock, water courses for inland fisheries, and non-wood forest products such as berries, mushrooms and honey.Cordillera Central

International Mountain Day takes place on Thursday December 11, 2014. The observance day is an opportunity to create awareness about the importance of mountain ecosystems to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build partnerships that will bring positive change to the world’s mountains and highlands.

mapa_republica_dominicanaOn Friday December 12, GFDD will help provide awareness for International Mountain Day by hosting a special screening of La Montaña at the United Nations with participation by professional mountaineer Iván Gómez, and help educate attendees about the importance of mountain ecosystems.

About the film

ivan-antecedentesA motivational documentary about the first Dominican expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. It shows climbers Iván Gómez, Karim Mella and Federico Jovine on their way to put their beloved flag at the highest in the world. In parallel, the film tells the story of three youths in the rural area of the country who decide to climb the highest mountain in the Caribbean: Pico Duarte. These two stories remind us that from the sea to the sky, everyone has a dream and their own mountain to climb.

To find out more about the screening please visit our webpage at http://www.globalfoundationdd.org/upcoming_events.asp

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