UN Observance: World Soil Day 2014, December 5

BannerOn Friday December 5, the UN celebrates World Soil Day 2014 to celebrate the importance of soil as a critical component of the natural system and as a vital contributor to human wellbeing.

biodiversity world soil dayDid you know?

  • Soil is the reservoir for at least a quarter of global biodiversity, and therefore requires the same attention as above-ground biodiversity;
  • Soils play a key role in the supply of clean water and resilience to floods and droughts. The largest store of terrestrial carbon is in the soil so that its preservation may contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • The maintenance or enhancement of global soil resources is essential if humanity’s need for food, water, and energy security is to be met.

Why should we celebrate this observance day?

Soils have been neglected for too long. We fail to connect soil with our food, water, climate, biodiversity and life. We must invert this tendency and take up some preserving and restoring actions. The World Soil Day campaign aims to connect people with soils and raise awareness on their critical importance in our lives.waste world soil day

Events in Your Area

To participate in events in your part of the globe, be it New York, India, or even Japan please visit the webpage of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Free Screening of Symphony of the Soil

From December 5th through December 12th, the Documentary Symphony of the Soil will be video streamed for free from the Symphony of the Soil website and on the official webpage of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

where food begins WSDFilm director, Ms. Deborah Koons Garcia, presents the artistic exploration of the miraculous substance that is soil. Filmed on four continents, the film gives voice to an amazing cast of soil users: from scientists to farmers, activists to policy makers, historians to entrepreneurs featuring esteemed scientists and working farmers and ranchers and highlights possibilities of healthy soil creating healthy plants creating healthy humans living on a healthy planet.

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