Cuba, Haiti and DR are Working Together to Achieve Biodiversity Protection in the Caribbean

Environment Ministers from Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic met for a three day meeting in Santo Domingo on Thursday November 13, 2014. During that time they analyzed the progress made by their respective countries to protect and restore nature in the Caribbean.Small_islands_Caribbean1

The meeting of the Tripartite Technical Group, which preceded the ministerial meeting, focused on the outcomes of ten pilot projects implemented as part of the CBC UNEP/EU Project (five are located in Haiti, three in the Dominican Republic and two in Cuba). In this regard, the meetings highlighted the enormous effort put forward by all entities that contributed to make these projects a reality today that benefit the communities involved.

At the end of the meeting, each minister stressed their absolute willingness to continue supporting this initiative and signed a three-year inter-ministerial agreement to promote sustainable development in their country.

Caribbean_general_mapThe agreement strengthens existing cooperation in the framework of the Caribbean Biological Corridor (CBC) to preserve biodiversity and ensure communities develop sustainably, in harmony with their natural environment. The CBC is coordinated by the United Nations Environmental Program and funded by the Global Environmental Fund, the World Food Program and the European Union.

The participants agreed to implement rehabilitation work in degraded areas and develop work plans for improving the local inhabitants’ quality of life.

bautista-rojas-gomezEnvironment Minister Bautista Rojas Gomez signed the agreement on behalf of the Dominican Republic, his Haitian counterpart Jean Francois Thomas signed on behalf of Haiti, and deputy minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba, Danilo Alonso Medina signed on behalf of Cuba.

The agreement was concluded during the 5th Meeting of the Grupo Técnico Trinacional (Tri-national Technical Group) following up on the work of the CBC, which was held in Santo Domingo from November 10-14, 2014.

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